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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our address is 5423 Hot Wells Way, but the best way to find us is to look for the Hot Wells of Bexar County Park at 5503 S. Presa St. We're right next door!

Where do I park?

Turn right immediately after crossing the train tracks facing the Ruins and follow the gravel trail to our grassy parking lot.

Are children allowed in the baths?

Because the neighboring suite is shared by another guest, as a matter of respect to all our guests, children under 16 aren't permitted in our bathing suites & back garden area.

Children are also not permitted in the foot baths at the front bar.

How hot is the water?

The water comes out of the ground geothermically heated, as stated and as it was discovered back in 1889, but its temperature may vary for some by the day and in regard to your personal tolerance. When taking in the waters, please use your own discretion and take care not to get overheated by getting out taking a cold shower.

How soon before my appointment should I arrive?

We ask that guests arrive no earlier than ten minutes before their appointment. Feel free to take part in the foot baths at the front bar or check out the ruins at the county park if you are early but suites are typically ready for guests at around the appointed time.

How deep is the well?

The new well is around 1,800 feet deep, that's more than twice the height of the Tower of Americas in downtown Hemisfair Park.

How much is it to soak my feet?

The foot baths are free to all bar patrons. Have a drink and some snacks, grab a towel, and soak your feet!

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome here all throughout the grounds on leashes; they, however, are not welcome in our tubs.

Is clothing optional?

The bathing suites are private and it is guests' option to wear clothing or bathing suits in the tubs. We however ask that you be respectful of all our guests in our garden area.

Can I invite a third or fourth person to my one hour reservation?

In order to preserve CHW's therapeutic atmosphere in the bathing suites, we ask no more than two people in a bathing suite at a time.

If I schedule a soak and need to cancel or reschedule, when is the latest I can do that?

We're happy to reschedule or cancel you at any time, but we will have to charge a $50 late rescheduling fee for anything later than 48 hours before your appointment.

Can I bring my own wine to my soak?

We offer an eclectic variety of wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, but if you'd like to bring your own wine or other drinks, we charge an $18 corkage fee per bottle.

Can I bring my own snacks if renting the back garden & suites for a group soak?

We have assorted meats, cheeses, and other pickled things for charcuterie here but you are also welcome to bring your own food for group soaks.

Can I stay in the bathing suite longer than my allotted hour?

In order to maintain our schedule and be fair to all our guests, we ask that all soakers are on time for their appointments and leave the suite at the conclusion of their hour. We will charge an additional $75 discourtesy fee for guests who overstay their time. Paying this fee is not additional liberty to stay and is considered discourteous to our guests and staff.

Do I have to sign the waiver every time I soak?

Yes, we ask that everyone in your party fills out the waiver every time you come soak at Camp Hot Wells.

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